We enjoyed a blind Merlot tasting today. After the Sideways jokes were told and people stopped wondering what blind Merlot was, Tom Ferrier gave us an interesting overview of why Merlot is both loved and reviled. The wines were a 2009 Chateau Lauvie St. Emilion and a 2009 Frei Brothers (Penny Shurtleff’s family) Dry Creek Reserve Merlot. Both were excellent and very different.

Thanks to the Rock Bottom Brewery. They donated several no-longer-needed television sets to Promises 2 Kids through us. The sets will be very much appreciated.

Our speaker was Kaitlin Elliott, who spoke about Promises 2 Kids and the Polinsky Center. Both organizations work with foster children and victims of child abuse, more than half of whom would otherwise end up on some kind of public assistance. Promises 2 Kids attempts to give these children some kind of structure on which they can build a normal life. She was joined by Omar Passons, an Attorney who once was a child who would have been a beneficiary of  Promises 2 Kids.

Promises 2 Kids needs volunteer mentors to work with some of its clients. It’s a worthwhile and satisfying thing to do. Contact Kaitlin Kaitlin@promises2kids.org for more intormation.