This week's meeting attracted 12 Torrey Pines members plus 4 visiting Rotarians (Ray Ellis from San Diego club 33, Mike Giorgione--our speaker--also from club 33, and our regular winter visitors, Ann-Shirley and Rob Goodell from Vancouver, Canada).

President Tom Fisher is away on business (monkey-business?) so Pres-Elect Jerry Zampa presided.  He'll be going to PETS this weekend for his 18 hour course in gavelling the bell, but he's such a quick study he's sure to master it in only 8 or 10 hours. 

Carol and Bill Irwin were also MIA this week, as they've gone to London to visit the Queen (or was it their grandaughter, who's a Princess but not the Queen?).


Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend to help sort, organize and store the 4,000+ stuffed toys that will eventually be delivered to sick kids in hospitals.  Gordon Shurtleff urges everyone to come help again this Saturday at 9 am at the storage place.  Don Yeckel reminds us that the club will need to pay for storage and other costs, so this project will benefit from members' contributions to the club foundation.  Tom Fisher will match any new donation up to $100, so now's the time.  Nancy Stoke observed that the club also received 1,000 or so plastic roses, complete with mailing tubes, and would like to find a buyer so we'll have some cash to cover other project expenses.  Patrick McIntyre reports that Jessie Hurst may be able to help with that part of it.  A good community service project here, with cash and hands-on effort from members to benefit sick children.  That's Rotary at its best!

Wine club

Jim Likes was so proud of the Two-Buck-Chuck he brought that he went on about it for some time.  He says that it was a very good vintage--Tuesday.


Our speaker was Rear Admiral USN (Retired) Michael Giorgione who, after 34 years of active duty, is now an engineer and leadership training facilitator with RBF Consulting.  His topic today was National Energy Programs, on which he made 4 points:

1. The US currently doesn't really have a national energy policy and, therefore, we lack direction, investment and progress on this vital topic.  Congress is missing the opportunity to move the country ahead on this issue.

2. No one energy source can solve all our problems alone.  Nationally, our electricity is currently generated 50 percent from coal, 20 percent from nuclear, and the rest from natural gas and renewable sources.  It's likely that a mixture will always be needed.

3. Developing energy for the US should be "pro-business" and not just "pro-subsidies."  Business investment and development will be a better source of answers than relying on incentives like subsidies.

4. Innovation is a must, which means a major emphasis on research and development will be needed.  California can be a leader, as it was in popularizing energy-efficient refrigerators in the 1970s and catalytic converters later.

In the question period, Admiral Giorgione observed that it may take a crisis to get the differing points of view on this topic all working together.  The Department of Defense is exploring some ideas but more will be needed. 

Club website

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out the club's new internet face on ClubRunner.  Each member should ensure the accuracy of his/her contact info and keep it up to date.  Membership changes and attendance will be managed by Tom Fisher (wearing his Acting Secretary hat).  The Pitch and stories on the homepage will be updated by Bill Irwin (Editor) with assistance from Bob Goodman (PR Director).  Good luck.

Au revoir for now

Ann-Shirley and I leave for Canada next week and, again, we want to thank the club for your hospitality during our months in your town.  We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in Torrey Pines activities while we're here.  Please note that, after 5 consecutive years of organizing the Robbie Burns party, we'll be taking a rest next year. 

We'll see you when we return in November.  Have a great spring and summer!