I believe I left my notes at the Rock Bottom, so I can’t list the wines we sampled. However, thanks to Gordon Shurtleff for providing the bottles. Gordon, who does not drink, spent a good amount out of his own pocket to bring in some nice wines for our enjoyment. That is only one more reason why we are so grateful to have Gordon as a member.

We unanimously elected Tom Ferrier, Jim Likes, Nancy Stoke, and Don Yeckel to the board of our Torrey Pines Rotary Foundation. We are still short one board member, so anyone who is interested should contact Don Yeckel right away.

Our speaker was Jeff Kreindler, who presented us with a photo history of Pan Am Airlines. Some of his old photos were priceless records of the history of an airline institution. We were visited by a number of guests who came just to hear Jeff’s presentation.

We will have a club board meeting next week.