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“Polio, subterfuge and revelation in the sands of Morocco”

Jun 06, 2018


Jun 20, 2018

Arlington National Cemetery

Ron MacDonald has been doing speaking engagements at rotary clubs and other groups throughout Orange County and the Inland Empire on his book Arlington Anthology, Field Of Honor. It is about those who rest in Arlington National Cemetery and tells of their stories of faith, hope, courage against insurmountable odds, perseverance, sacrifice and love of brother and country. He has told their stories as if they were alive to tell their own from their point of view. His speaking engagement is free and if any one wishes  after he speaks, they can pick up a signed copy of his book. A portion of the proceeds for every book sold is being donated to the Gary Sineise Veterans foundation. 
There are over 400,000 souls buried on these sacred grounds from the Revolutionary war to today and from the common soldier and sailor to generals and ex slaves all have contributed to who we are as a country. Their stories are numerous and speak of life not death and how they have touched those around them and changed the world we live in. Their stories beg to be heard and teach us about the values which have made us who we are as a country. 
Jun 27, 2018


Jul 04, 2018

Social Security

Jul 11, 2018

OTL tournament 65th year - inner workings

Jul 18, 2018

Resounding Joy, Inc.

Jul 25, 2018

Our new District Governor Mel Gallegos and his Rotary wife "Hey Jude" will give us a very inspirational talk. Along with Governor Mel, we will also welcome our Assistant Governor Brian Zimmerman, District Governor Nominee 2020-2021 Steven Weitzen and some prospective members. As an added treat, there will be the induction of our very newest member "Sammy" Askari.

Aug 15, 2018