Eberle wine was an up-and-coming central coast winery thirty years ago when it produced an award-winning cabernet. The bloom wore off, but Eberle continues to produce very decent wines. We tried two of them, a 2009 Padrewski Clone Zinfandel from and a 2010 Vineyard Select Cabernet. Both were quite nice, especially the Zin. We also auditioned 2 bottles from Windsor Winery as possible club wines, a 2009 Merlot and a 2010 Pinot Noir, both from Sonoma County. They were okay, but not for the price.

We had a special visit from District Governor Dick Stevens, who wanted to make sure we knew about the District Conference this August 4. A special issue of the pitch will tell you about the conference. It promises to be a very useful and entertaining experience at the San Elijo branch of Mira Costa College.

Our speaker was Ray Snider, a Marine who played football for Navy back in the sixties and later survived the 77-day siege of Khe Sanh. Ray told us about his second career as a professional bull rider on the rodeo circuit. He described the 8-second ride on a bull as the equivalent of playing a complete football game. Ouch! Golf and bowling are for sissies!