Among the Charter Members of the Club (with their 'classifications') were:
David L. Blair                      (Funeral Services)
Robert O. Briggs                 (Manufacturing, Scientific Instruments and Apparatus)
John C. Carson, M.D.         (Physician, Cardiovascular Disease)
Sam J. Farmer                    (Lawyer)
J. Robert Hafstrom            (Manufacturing, Industrial Ovens)
Homer Halvorson, Ph.D.   (Capital Investments)
Edward Hashinger, M.D.   (Senior Active, formerly Physician, Gerontology)
Clark Higgins                     (Real Estate, Sales)
Joseph W. Hutchison        (Education, University Administration)
Jorman L. Jacobsen
Rollin C. Johnson              (Electric / Mechanical Engineer, Consulting)
Col. Francis, E. Judkins    (Youth Activities)
Donald L. Leavenworth    (Education, Independent Schools)
Floyd Lemley                    (Public Park Services)
Ralph A. Lewin, Pd.D.     (Marine Biology)
Jack B. Ottestad
Louis M. Peelyon             (Hospital Administration)
Capt Palmer W. Roberts (Biological Sciences)
Henry G. Schuertte         (Soft Water Services)
Richard E. Senn              (Real Estate Development
Jack E. Stiverson            (Finance Securities)
Earl E. Vikander             (Computer Manufacturing)
Evart H. Wyle, D.D.       (Religion, Protestant)
bob Hafstrom, who had been instrumental in recruiting the first member of the Club, was elected the first President.